How to pack the perfect carry-on bag

In the spirit of what to pack in your check-in luggage, I thought I’d share my ultimate list of things to always pack in your carry-on bag!

The usual suspects for your carry-on:

  • passport or ID-card
  • wallet with credit- and debit cards, insurance card and info, copy of your passport, driver’s license. Make sure you have contacted your bank about your trip. They might freeze your account for security reasons if they suddenly see international withdrawals without knowing it’s you that’s making them.
  • phone, charger and international adapter
  • flight info and (e)tickets
  • earphones. Preferably noise cancelling ones so you can also use them as earbuds while taking a nap.
  • books/magazines
  • snacks and a bottle of water. I usually take some sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes with me. Helps keep me hydrated on long flights.
  • any medication you use daily (remember you can only take 100ml if your medication is liquid)
  • neck pillow
  • scarf (to use as a blanket)
  • warm socks

I bet (at least some of) the items mentioned above were already on your own list. But have you thought about the following?

What else should you be packing to make your carry-on bag perfect?

I always make sure I also pack these, not so obvious items, in my carry-on bag:

  • a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • some basic toiletries, like deoderant, mascara, lipbalm. And I always carry an extra strip of my birthcontrol pills with me in my wallet. Especially when travelling to a different time zone.
  • underwear
  • socks
  • an extra set of clothing, depending on the weather conditions of your destination. For instance a t-shirt and cardigan and a pair of shorts/pants or a skirt/dress.
  • sunscreen (100ml) and a bikini, if you’re off to a tropical destination

Why, you ask?

Just in case your check-in bag gets sent to Oslo while you’re in Venice (true story) and you won’t get it back for a couple of days. This will happen to every traveller at least once and this way, at least you can freshen up, wear clean clothes and get on with your holiday until you get your suitcase back!

Confession: despite my lists, I still always worry that I have forgotten something though… is that just me?

Hope this helps you pack your carry-on bag! Safe travels!!

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