My favorite restaurants in Providence, RI


On my last trip to Providence, Rhode Island, I have (re)discovered a lot of great restaurants and cafes. And it would be selfish of me not to share, now wouldn’t it? Here we go:

Ran Zan

Ran Zan is a teeny tiny sushi restaurant on 1084 Hope Street, a street with a lot of restaurants actually. If you’re lucky, they will seat you at the bar where you will see the masterchef at work while enjoying the wonderful world that is sushi. Behind him there is a big screen tv where you can see the most absurd and ridiculous Japanese tv shows. Best of all, this place is not expensive. Their combination platters range between 11 and 25 dollars.

Sushi bij restaurant ran zan providence

Cookie Store in the Meeting Street Cafe

All cookie lovers unite! These cookies are ginormous (about 6 to 7 inches, which is about 17 centimeters). And on top of that every bite is as delicious as the next. They’re just soft enough inside and have a crunchy bite on the outside…oh heaven!

My favorite is their Ginger Spice Cookie. But they also have a Chewy Chocolate Cookie, a Chocolate Chunk Cookie, a Macademia White Chocolate Cookie and a Garbage Cookie. This last one is a cookie with chocolate chips, white chocolate, raisins, coconut, walnuts and pecannuts. The cookies cost between 4,50 and 4,95 dollars.

cookie meeting street cafe

Friskie Fries

The menu of this snackbar is one like I’ve never seen before! It all starts with French fries… the magic happens when choosing which combination of toppings you want. And it’s not just your average ” do you want ketchup or (seeing that I’m Dutch and we drown that shit in it) mayonnaise with that”.

This is a decision that you should not take lightly. After careful consideration I went for the Miss Potato Head: French fries, bacon, cheddar, spring onions and sour cream. Your daily amount of calories is covered with one bite, but it’s so worth it!

exterior friskie Fries Providence

Besides savoury flavors you can also opt for one of their sweet combinations… I haven’t dared to try french fries with chocolatesauce and mini marshmallows yet though….yikes! But, please let me know if you have!

All dressed fries cost 8 dollars. They have a location on 751 Hartford Avenue in Johnston, a 15 minute drive out of Providence. But they also have two foodtrucks in Providence.

Miss Potato Head fries Friskie Fries Providence

Ogie’s Trailerpark

This is one of the most hipstery of hipsterplaces a hipsterjoint can get! But it is so much fun to hang out at! Besides a daily lunch- and dinner menu they have a very nice cocktailmenu, and what more could you want really?

We went there on a Sunday for their famed Sunday brunch, and I wish it could be Sunday every day! We had waffels with extra bacon and breakfast tots with cheese, bacon and fried egg. And a few cocktails of course.

wafels en ei met spek Ogie's Trailerpark Providence

The place is set up like you’re in a trailerpark, outside they have these caravans which are cut in half and serve as kind of a fence around the terrace. There are swingchairs, a fire pit, a tiki bar and where would you be without a couple of plastic flamingos!

Terras Ogie's Trailerpark Providence

More restaurant tips:

East Side Pockets: mediterranean take-out restaurant on Thayer Street that serves, among others, pita gyros, falafel, soup, kebab and salads.
Durk’s Bar-B-Q: also on Thayer Street is this delicious bbq restaurant which also is a great place to have lunch. They serve spareribs, briskets and chicken, but also delicious pulled pork or sausage sandwiches.
Seven Stars Bakery: miss having ‘real bread’ when traveling in the States? Look no further because this is the place to go. They also have delicious cookies as an added bonus!
Apsara Palace: a Thai / Taiwanese / Cambodian restaurant. Just be careful when you enter, you don’t wanna trip over the little altar on the floor!

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