The Hague: my favorite restaurants

Japans eten restaurant Set Genki Tei Den Haag

In two earlier articles I’ve already told you why you should visit the Hague and spend a day at Scheveningen beach. Now it’s time for me to show you some of my personal favorite restaurants in The Hague! Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

Restaurant Hendriks

A small restaurant with delicious food! Whether you like fondue, octopus or steak, they have the best quality food! The restaurant isn’t in the city center, so you need to travel a bit by tram (or bike), I’d say about 10 minutes. But it’s worth it, believe me. They’re located in a cosy neighborhood called Zeeheldenkwartier in the Prins Hendrikstraat.

window restaurant Hendriks

cheese fondue at restaurant Hendriks The Hague

Isola Sardegna

Without a doubt, one of the best Italian restaurants in The Hague. Located in the Keizerstraat in the borough of Scheveningen, it’s just a stones throw away from the beach (but without that annoying sea view…). They not only have pizzas, they serve everything from pasta carbonara to ossobuco. And you just have to have their Coppa Damo Bianco for dessert!

They also do take-out. And since they’re almost right next to the beach, why not order your meal to go to enjoy that romantic sunset and extra sandy crunch with your pizza!

isola sardegna pizza eten

Set Genki Tei

Japanese food is not just sushi, my friend. Although this Japanese restaurant does have sushi and sashimi, they serve so much more. Hot pots, bento boxes, ramen noodle soups in all kinds of variations plus a selection of meat and fish dishes. You’ll definitely want to come back for more!

japans gerecht set genki tei

But wait, that’s not all! They also have a Hello Kitty (that’s right) High Tea! For only 14 euros per person you not only get tea, you also get Hello Kitty cookies, Hello Kitty chocolates, Hello Kitty grilled cheese, puff pastry with red beans, raspberry cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake. The restaurant is located in the city centre, in the Schoolstraat.

Oma Toos

Traditional Dutch Cuisine. I know, I know, the Dutch are not particularly well known for their local cuisine, but trust me, you’ll find something you like on this menu. Oma Toos, or grandma Toos (pronounce Toos as Toes), is well known for her ‘pannenkoeken’ (pancakes) and ‘poffertjes’.

Dutch pancakes are bigger, but thinner than American pancakes and thicker than French crêpes. ‘Poffertjes’ are smaller and thinner than American pancakes and thicker than French crêpes. ‘Pannenkoeken’ are usually served with jam, (maple) syrup or (powdered) sugar.

But you can get them with a combinations of savoury ingredients as well, such as cheese, bacon, ham, mushrooms, salmon, tomatoes, really just about anything you put on a pizza.

oma toos restaurant

‘Poffertjes’ are served with powdered sugar and butter. Sometimes also with fresh fruit, whipped cream or ice cream.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous or just don’t think of pancakes as a dinner kind of thing, don’t you worry. Grandma also has things like smoked mackerel, pickled herring, meatballs, ‘stamppot’ (mashed potatoes, one kind of mashed vegetable and a sausage) or what’s called the Captain’s dinner: chick peas, onions, pork belly, mustard, ketchup, fried bacon, gravy and pickled vegetables. Must say, I haven’t tried that myself.


Teppan yaki, sushi and sashimi and Japanese a la carte: Benkei has it all! I especially like the teppan yaki menus as they seat you around a teppan yaki plate and the chef prepares the dishes right there in front of you. And it is yummie!

They have fixed menus for the teppan yaki and sushi and sashimi or you can order a la carte. I would recommend getting one of their fixed menus, since you will be getting several different courses. For example, they serve seven different teppan yaki menu’s, each of them starts with Japanese appetizers, with a selection of sushi and depending on the menu you then get a selection of fish or meat dishes. These menus vary from three to six courses and each of these courses will make your mouth water!


This place is famous for making the kroketten for the Royal Family and apparently makes the best ones ever. There is still some debate about this within my own inner circle, but we can at least agree that they are good. Maybe not the best, but still damn tasty.

Kroketten, or croquettes, are ragout rolls covered in breadcrumbs which you then deep fry. They can be filled with any type of ragout: meat, veal, shrimp, cheese or vegetarian, but also with potatoe.

They are typically Dutch and you can eat them on a bun or not. You also get these things in a round version, a ball if you will. They are called ‘bitterballen’ or bitterballs. Dip them in mustard and try not to burn your tongue with the first bite!

Don’t like ragout covered rolls? Try their meatballs! It’s the second thing they’re famous for. And they are delicious!


Mezze is an all-you-can-eat Arabian tapasbar in Scheveningen. Mezzes are like tapas or antipasti, but from the Eastern Mediterranean and Arabian cuisine. They are usually eaten as an appetizer in between courses. But at Mezze, they serve all different kinds as a buffet and you can pick your favorites as much as you want!

The atmosphere in the restaurant, from the interior to the staff, is friendly and easygoing. It really is a great place to go for a special evening.

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