The Hague: a day at Scheveningen beach

Scheveningen is a populair coastal town and part of the city of the Hague. If you are planning a visit to the Netherlands, the Hague and Scheveningen are two places not to be missed.

My advice: skip the crowds in Amsterdam and visit The Hague! Is has all the luxuries and commodoties of a big city, with that relaxing and cosy small-town atmosphere. And if that’s not enough for you: the beach of Scheveningen is right around the corner.

A day at the beach

Rain or shine, I love the beach! The most popular beach in The Hague is Scheveningen beach. 

scheveningen beach

The boulevard in the heart of Scheveningen is packed with restaurants and beachclubs, especially in the summer, when they set up “temporary” beachclubs right on the beach. In the winter you will only find the permanent ones on the actual boulevard.

The Scheveningen Pier

The pier is recently renovated, after years of neglect, and they built a giant ferris wheel which has amazing views! Or so I have been told…. Having a fear of heights, I myself haven’t been (yet…that day may come, you don’t know). If that isn’t enough of a thrill for you, you can bungee jump off the tower and there’s a zipline.

de pier scheveningen zonsondergang
Inside are several foodstalls and it’s a location for various markets all year round. At the far end of the pier there’s a pancake restaurant with some great views of the North Sea.

Scheveningen beachclubs

As I mentioned before, there are many beachclubs on the beach. When you get off the tram or bus at the Kurhaus stop, you will find the most popular ones right in front of you and to the left. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter which of the beachclubs you go to quality wise as drinks or snacks are concerned (in my humble opinion anyhow). I’d select based on your taste in music, because this will differ from one to the next. If you wanna stay for a bite to eat, check TripAdvisor for the latest hotspots and best kitchens.

Zwarte Pad

If you go right, and walk for about 10 minutes, you will come to a less crowded bit of the beach where you will mostly find locals and also some great beachclubs. This part is called The Black Path, or ‘Het Zwarte Pad’. But there’s nothing sinistre about it, as far as I know…

zwarte pad

Scheveningen harbour

The further you go to the left though, the more you will get to see of Scheveningen, and eventually you will hit its harbor. If you love boats, this is the place to be. From yachts and sailboats to big and small commercial fishingboats. And where there are fishingboats, there is fish!


And not just any fish. Fresh fish right from the auction. Go to Simonis or Roeleveld for the best fish of the day and ready to eat raw herring, crab salads or ‘kibbeling‘: battered, deepfried pieces of white fish (usually haddock), but sometimes they have tuna and salmon as well. This is unbelievably delicious comfort food. And perfect after a long walk on the beach!

Just watch out for the sea gulls, they will literally steal the fish right out of your hands, cheeky bastards!

kibbeling en friet op het strand

Every season is beach season

Whatever season you are visiting, you won’t get bored. In the wintertime, get cozy with glühwein and a roaring fire after a walk on the beach. And in summer, end a perfect day swimming and tanning with a glass of wine while watching the sun set.

Wijntjes op het strand van Scheveningen

I hope you enjoy your day at the beach. One final tip: don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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